Easy entry into the
API economy

Software AG’s webMethods API Cloud gets you into the API economy with ease by offering a cloud-based portal. There’s nothing for you to download, install or update. Just upload your APIs, brand the portal with your corporate colors and logos, and you’re ready to go.
Real value, real fast

Drive developer and partner adoption of your APIs with easy API discovery and streamlined on-boarding. Leverage the development community to foster innovation, support new devices and expand your ecosystem. Subscribe and start exposing your APIs today!
One portal
for all communities

Business partners, internal developers and external developers can reach your APIs through a single portal while each community can see only specified APIs. Concerned about security? No worries there: nothing will enter your production IT infrastructure with testing done in a separate environment.
Enabling digital businesses

APIs are at the center of every digital business. Use them to connect devices to the Internet of Things (IoT), support your mobile business, expand your partner ecosystem, and support mobile enablement as well as cloud and hybrid integration. With APIs, you can combine assets and information from anywhere, including business partners and internal and third-party developers. Expose your APIs today with webMethods API Cloud.