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As the world's leading provider of sales management and automation solutions, Salesforce is everywhere. But is your organization getting the most out of your investment?

In today's world, even the best application is only as valuable as the data it contains. The greatest value comes when you can share data between applications to ensure data quality and eliminate costly, error-prone processes. That's why you need to ensure that your Salesforce solutions have access to the right data.

To help you integrate Salesforce with other applications and systems, Software AG offers webMethods Integration Cloud. Integration Cloud is an integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that lets you connect Salesforce with other cloud-based and on-premises applications.

The 6 Keys to Successful Cloud Integration:

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Using Integration Cloud you can:

  • Connect Salesforce with other cloud and on-premises applications
  • Connect with ERP systems such as SAP® systems and Oracle® E-Business Suite, whether hosted in the cloud or on-premises
  • Integrate in real time or in batch mode
  • Integrate with Salesforce apps including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Wave Analytics and more
  • Even synchronize your Salesforce data with other CRM applications such as SAP C4C, Microsoft Dynamics and more
  • Support bi-directional communication between Salesforce and other systems
  • Access and call all available Salesforce operations, including custom objects


Improved synchronization of employee data with key corporate systems of record

Improved employee satisfaction through a reduction of errors caused by bad data

No software installation required – everything is browser-based

Scales on demand to meet your needs

Lower TCO due to elimination of costly maintenance and upgrades

Faster startup by embracing the service model of Integration Cloud



Where do you start to build an integration strategy for Hybrid Cloud and our connected world? This analyst report on webMethods Integration Cloud can help you understand your best options.

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Building a successful integration strategy for tomorrow

Building a successful integration strategy for tomorrow

Join Neil Ward-Dutton of MWD Advisors co-founder and Research Director of the technology and research advisory firm MWD Advisors. Now is the time to plan your integration strategy for tomorrow.

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As the global leader in the integration market for nearly 20 years, Software AG integrates applications better than any other vendor in the world.